AROS STUDIO was founded in 2022 in London, UK. The name AROS comes from the Japanese word for ‘sky’ - representing the minimal, airy quality of our designs. Just as the sky contains infinite possibility, our pieces invite you to make of them what you will.

AROS STUDIO also signifies reversing the familiar to forge new meaning. We design sustainably by turning used materials into contemporary products, believing responsible action should permeate all areas of the creative process.

Post-purchase, this ethos continues. Once serving their primary purpose, our bags regain new life through the transformation program. A second incarnation true to the AROS vision of reimagining and multi-functionalism awaits.

Simply return your bag to have it reworked using the same premium components into a new silhouette. Or opt for an entirely different product - wallet, accessories and more. Zero waste, just an endless rebeginning. The story of one becomes many.

In AROS design, the essential takes form in space left open. We craft with a light yet thoughtful touch so your belongings find shelter and safe passage without bulk or excess unnecessary.

Our bags provide a second skin for the items closest to you, elevating the everyday experience of their use through flexible, adaptive style.