Our Story

Aros Studio was founded in 2020 in London, UK. Aros is derived from Japanese “Sora” which means Sky but reversed. On one hand, we symbolize the spirit of emptiness and simplicity of “sora” in our designs, on the other hand, the process of our post-purchase stage is a reverse process, it is our responsibility to turn the product into another product again, this is what Aros backward into the meaning of sora.

Aros design

Aros designs and produces each of our bags with modern silhouettes, distinctive aesthetics, practical convenience, and multi-functions that meets bare essentials Aros provides sustainable, up-cyclable, distinguished quality leather goods and post-purchase service worldwide.

Aros Goal

Our goal is to accelerate the world's move to sustainable fashion, we want to make an impact on the fashion industry especially the leather goods industry how to do more, waste less, and get more. Providing products to those who need a bag all over the world, not only women, not only men, who is everyone. we want everyone to be the energetic, confident, and unique of their own.
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