Bonjour Bag Collection Intro

Bonjour Bag Collection Intro


The collection is inspired by girls who pursue the legendary green light of the sun, brave and superstitious, persistent and unconventional.

Like Helena Campbell in the Le Rayon vert’s novel, who links the most important events in her life to the presence or absence of green light. Or the heroine in Éric Rohmer's film who believes in magic and sign, leaves the important decision to the luck of seeing the green light.

Or Thelma and Louis, who break with reality and stay true to themselves in "The End of the Road", where Mexico at the end of the road is the green light for them.

Attempting to refract these girly mental scenes into two-dimensional shapes, creating unconventional geometric worlds, or a white silhouette in the dark.

The Bonjour collection is a break from the norm, intended to be the a green ray, as a little something to look forward to at the last moment in everyday.

There are 7 styles in this series, 40 SKUs in total, with simple lines and structuralism to interpret the bag as a fashion container, hoping that a variety of wearing ways can meet the needs of users in different occasions. The style is contemporarily simple and focuses on the 20-35 years old fashion group, Generation Z and millennials who are concerned about sustainable development and pay attention to product quality.

Tapo Bag is a trapezoid bag with two geometric bodies spliced together.

The Mini Tapo Bag in plain leather can be functioned as handled bag, waist bag and shoulder bag, it’s a playful and portable bag that features a magnet closure and is crafted in leather.

The Birket Bag comes with an asymmetrical curved handle, and during the making process, I kept thinking that they are really suitable for taking champagne to the beach to watch the sunset.

The Odd-Tote bag is inspired from our Birkie Bag that keeps our signature silhouette and is crafted in leather, it has an asymmetrical design and is a practical product that can fit all our bare essentials.

The Dundee bag has a special soft leather ensure the bag keeps its shape without too much reinforcement, allow leather to retain its nature beauty and feel,the large one is also with asymmetrical curved handle, the curvature is just suitable for the high position of the shoulder.

The Aros Easy Cardholder is our special collection that features a key ring and is crafted in leather. This unique item will fit all your bare essentials.

Adhering to the brand's sustainability gene, Aros' leather is LWG certified sustainable leather, and the packaging material is all recyclable and biodegradable materials, so as to be the example of leather sustainability products.

The leather is made of first layer sustainable leather, the grain is mainly plain, and the color is mainly suitable for summer travel such as eucalyptus green, caramel, lilac purple, mango orange, etc., which is matched with very gentle cream white and black.
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