AROS STUDIO Elevates Sustainable Style in Paris

AROS STUDIO Elevates Sustainable Style in Paris

Spring Renewal

As the weather warms and flowers begin to bloom, a new season of fashion is upon us. For sustainable accessories brand AROS STUDIO, our Spring/Summer 2023 collection was designed with relaxed, breezy aesthetics perfect for the changing seasons. While AROS STUDIO did not host a popup herself this year, pieces from the line were celebrated by influential figures during their travels to one of the fashion capitals of the world - Paris.

The Mission of AROS STUDIO 

AROS STUDIO launched in 2022 with a mission to promote sustainability through versatile, eco-conscious designs. AROS STUDIO brought over a decade of experience in the fashion industry to creating accessories meant to be enjoyed for years through durable craftsmanship and opportunities for renewal. Our studio practices sustainability throughout production by sourcing deadstock materials and partnering with artisans committed to natural dye techniques.

SS23 Collection Inspiration

For Spring 2023, AROS STUDIO took inspiration from effortless silhouettes seen floating through Parisian streets. "I wanted to design pieces that reflected the relaxed atmosphere of warmer days spent outdoors in parks or at cafes," says AROS STUDIO. To achieve this, organic cotton poplins, gauzy linens and breezy canvases in pale spring hues were utilized.

Versatile Silhouettes

 Silhouettes included an unstructured tote that could hold a market basket, picnic basket or books for adjacent parks. A straw crossbody bag woven with macramé strings was perfect for festivals or street fairs. And a lightweight shoulder bag offered storage for city exploration. Each style featured minimalist lines and versatile carrying options. Special details like embroidered patches or pressed flowers added a note of cottagecore charm.

Exposure through Influencers

While AROS STUDIO did not host a popup herself this spring, we sent samples from the collection to influencers abroad who embodied AROS' values of mindful luxury. One of these tastemakers was Aga, known for her feed highlighting effortless spring elegance. Aga kept her followers intrigued with glimpses of the new collection during her downtown jaunts in early April.

Aga's Parisian Feed

In photos, Aga styled various AROS STUDIO pieces alongside her signature ruffled dresses, berets and ballet flats. She chose the petite taporized Mini Tapo bag in black with its delicate shoulder strap. Appearing in images taken while picnicking in nearby parks or enjoying pastries outdoors, the bag added to Aga's signature romanticized vision of Paris.

Comments flooded in about the chic accessories enhancing Aga's outfits. Many inquired about purchasing the sustainable lines she featured. Through exposure on Aga's influential Instagram, we saw both new interest in AROS STUDIO and an opportunity for their minimal messaging to reach an international audience already primed to Aga's refined Parisian flair.

While Aga was abroad, she arranged a casual pop-up experience for her engaged following to experience AROS STUDIO up close. At a favorite Parisian cafe, select pieces from the season including the Mini Tapo bag and straw crossbody were displayed on a vintage steamer trunk alongside wildflowers and macarons.

We encouraged friends in Paris to stop by over the course of a Sunday afternoon to learn about AROS STUDIO sustainability mission directly from her while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Even with limited advertising, over 100 people visited the impromptu display. Many fell in love with the AROS STUDIO's ethos and left with newly purchased sustainably-made accessories to wear through their own European adventures in the coming months.

Renewed Interest

By mid-April, the AROS STUDIO popups had proven a rousing success amongst our community already primed to embrace mindful luxury brands. Sales of the spring collection soared even higher than anticipated thanks to the platform provided by an influencer authentically aligned with their values of graceful sustainability.

While AROS STUDIO hadn't intended to directly set foot in Paris herself this season, we saw that placing her samples in the hands of the right individual allowed AROS STUDIO to subtly spread their message to new audiences through authentic representation. Aga portrayed the line as both ethically-made and elevating to springtime Parisian style through her engaging photos and feedback.

Spring's Renewal

As warmer weather takes hold, AROS STUDIO's Spring 2023 collection ushers in a season of relaxed refinement with sustainability at the forefront of their mission. This year, our designs were subtly celebrated from afar amongst Parisian streets, parks and cafes through the experience of an engaged influencer community. Now, spring's rebirth is reflected in renewed interest for their boutique line of eco-conscious accessories meant to be enjoyed for seasons to come.

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